Nickel & Suede

Good morning loves! Can you believe that it is already May? This year is just flying by! After this week, I will only have 3 more weeks of school until Summer break, and let me just say, this teacher is EXCITED!! What fabulous plans do all of my teacher friends have planned for Summer break?

In other news, as I have been promising on my Instagram, I am so excited to share Nickel & Suede with all of you!! Nickel & Suede has some of the cutest jewelry and accessories. If you follow me on Instagram, then you have probably already noticed me wearing their lightweight leather earrings. They look like metal, so I was shocked when I put them on and couldn’t even feel them in my ears. I honestly forget that I’m wearing them. I’m wearing the leather earrings in size medium in all of the pictures below, but they have a smaller and larger size. I have styled them so many ways, and I have seriously gotten into the habit of wearing them almost every day. Trust me, you need these! They are game changers.


Color: Matte Gold



Color: Lip Gloss




Color: Luxe Linen



Happy shopping!


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