A Match Made in Graceville

Hi loves!

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to your weekend. I have been so busy with schoolwork, and trying to update the blog that it is just flying right by! Only 5 more school days until SUMMER.. but who’s counting? By the way, I’ve added some new plugins and somehow lost the ability for my links to open in a new tab. Rawr. So, for the time being, right click on the link and select “Open link in new tab.”:)

 I am so excited to share my review of OTBT’s Graceville sandal with all of you! OTBT Shoes are very popular here in the South, and for good reason!

As a first grade teacher, I am on my feet all day long. It is so hard for me to find shoes that do not hurt my feet, but still look stylish (my chiropractor totally doesn’t understand why I can’t just wear tennis shoes every day… men). And let me say, #thestruggleisreal. But, I have FINALLY found shoes, wedges no less, that are cute, comfortable, and have my teacher seal of approval!

Ladies, meet Graceville




(Had to throw this one in.. my hat and purse are linked on the previous post)





I have worn these almost every day for the past week, and they have been wonderful! No pain, no blisters, just comfort and cuteness! You totally need a pair in every color! (This is the Pewter). Also, check out the Bushnell, another favorite of mine if you are looking for a taller heel.

Happy shopping!


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