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Hey babes! Today’s post is a review of the Lauren James Timeless 12 Month Planner. Lauren James has compensated me for this post, however all opinions are my own. As a self-proclaimed, Type A personality, “planner junkie,” I’ve been through my share of planners over the years. This is one of my new favorites because it’s stylish, well-laid out, and not too

 overwhelming. I’ve had other well-known planners, and loved them when they arrived, but then quickly ditched all the bells & whistles that came with it. I mean, who really has time to add a ton of cute stickers/borders/clips/etc. on every page, every month? Some pages were super cute and others were just blah. I couldn’t maintain the over-the-top cutesy planner. And I started to have planner anxiety (is that a thing?) because I paid over $100 for it and had unused pages and stickers! This planner is just as cute, more streamlined, and only $28.



And btw, I totally love that the elastic band just comes attached.


Here is a look at the weekly pages. You can track your workout, water intake, monthly goals, and even your daily meals. I love that you don’t have to purchase a separate book for tracking your fitness goals and meal plans!

planner-timeless planner-12-month monthly-planner-cute top-favorite-planner cute-planner-lauren-james planner-lauren-james tracker-monthly-goals

Here’s a look at the monthly view. Because this planner is “timeless,” it lasts a full year no matter when you purchase it. Buy one whenever you want, and fill in the dates yourself!


It also comes with 2 pages of stickers for important events like sales 😉 (LJ totally gets me), date nights, appointments, etc.

gold-planner-stickers timeless-lauren-james-12-month-planner 12-month-lauren-james-timeless-planner best-planner

A few other important notes: it also includes a holiday list, monthly/weekly/daily overview pages, and the size is approx. 6.75 x 8.88″. I really love this planner. It’s very well-organized, has cute designs on every page, and will last a full year no matter when you purchase! I feel like this planner is very functional and not too overwhelming, even for those non-Type A’s. 😉 Plus, the price point is unbeatable. I will be purchasing all of my planners from Lauren James from now on. Do you have a planner that you love? Have you tried the new Lauren James Timeless Planner? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!


This post is in collaboration with Lauren James. Lauren James compensated me for this post, however all opinions are 100% my own.

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