How To Wear A Blanket Scarf


Hi babes! It’s no secret around here that blanket scarves are one of my favorite accessories to wear in the Fall and Winter months. And as much as Adam dislikes them, I can’t stop wearing them. They’re so warm and cozy, and they can change the look of any outfit. Plus, blanket scarves are totally an Instagram staple. #sorrynotsorry

ILYMIX sent me this scarf, and I just love all the gorgeous colors in it. ILYMIX is one of my favorite places to shop for scarves because they have such a huge selection! (I received this scarf complimentary from ILYMIX, however all opinions are 100% my own). Not sure if you can pull off a blanket scarf? I have a few tips for wearing blanket scarves that I’ll be sharing at the bottom of this post.


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