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Hi babes! Today I’m sharing something a little different on Vogue for Breakfast. I’m going to be talking about a new skin care regimen that I recently started. I’m getting real.. no makeup real! (EEK!!)

Banish sent me their products to try, and so far I have loved the results! First, a little background info: The Banish Starter Kit contains a lot of products that are both vegan and organic, so you know they’re great for your skin! I have never been able to maintain a good skincare regimen, because hello? Who has the time? I know, I know, I’m terrible. But when it comes to an extra 10-15 minutes of sleep, or going through 8 different nightly steps, I’m choosing sleep. That’s one reason why I love these products. They’re quick, easy, and super effective!

In the Banish Starter Kit, here’s what you’ll get:

Activated Clay Charcoal Masque – This is my favorite product! It’s very easy to mix, dries super fast, and leaves my skin feeling so clean! This masque helps with oily skin, blackheads, and large pores. You only have to use this once or twice a week and it takes out large amounts of impurities from your skin. The charcoal absorbs the toxins and leaves your skin feeling great!

Pore Smasher – The Pore Smasher minimizes the appearance of pores, cellulite, and stretch marks. You put this little guy in the freezer and it’s like having an ice facial. It’s super refreshing!

Banisher – The kit comes with two. An actual roller and a pen. The bristles on the Banisher punctures micro holes in the skin (they’re so tiny that they won’t leave a scar). Your skin will eventually fix these tiny holes by producing collagen and elastin. Eventually, your skin rebuilds itself and repairs any acne scars. (Note: Do not use the roller or pen on active acne!) If you do have active acne, the pen is what you will use instead of the roller. It does the same thing, but helps you to avoid any active areas on your face.

Banish Oil – This goes on at night and seeps deep into the skin to produce brighter, firmer, skin. You can also use this as a primer in the mornings if you choose. I thought this might be too heavy for my skin and actually cause more breakouts, but I was so wrong! It has really helped to hydrate my dry skin.

Vitamin C Beauty Elixir – This toning spray helps to prevent breakouts, reduce redness, and reduce dark spots. This is also super hydrating! I use this after the Banish Oil, but you can also spray over your makeup for a long-lasting, dewy look.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – This is also great for my dry skin and anyone who has active acne. It diminishes the size of zits and dries them up quickly! It is also used to reverse skin damage and brighten your skin.

Purchase the full kit here!

Like I said, my skin has always been dry and recently, prone to breakouts. Before I started this regimen, I was complaining to Adam about how dry my skin has been this Winter. However, after a few weeks of using this products, my skin is SO hydrated! I no longer have dry patches, and the acne areas around my chin have completely cleared. While I do not have any major acne scars, I do have a tiny one on my cheek that has always bothered me, and I have already noticed a slight diminish in its appearance. I am super happy with the products, and I plan to continue my new regimen! Anyone else tried Banish? What are your thoughts?

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