4 Neutral Heels to Buy This Summer


Because leopard is a neural right? 😉 These neutral beauties have been on repeat for the last few weeks and are definitely my favorite heels for Summer. I’m sharing all the details, including comfort levels, below.






Leopard Heels – Only $30

The leopard heels have a little bit shorter heel than I usually wear, but it certainly makes them more comfortable. I wear these shoes often just because, for heels, they’re high on the comfort chart… and you can never go wrong with leopard!

Laser Cut Heels

The laser cut heels are not as comfortable, but I still wear them a good bit. I love that the straps are a little bit thicker because it feels like you’re getting a little more support. The laser cut detailing is super popular right now and I just love the way these look on.

Strappy Heels

These are probably my favorite of the group (Adam’s favorite too), but unfortunately the least comfortable. If you’re looking for comfort, these are not the heels you should buy. However, they are SO GORGEOUS on and I’ve always lived by the motto, “Beauty is pain.” ha So if you don’t mind a little discomfort for the sake of beauty, you’ll love the way these look on.

Studded Gladiator Sandals

These were a little out of my comfort zone when I bought them. I kept seeing them on Instagram and thinking, “Eh, I dunno, maybe.” But when I got them, I instantly loved them! The studs definitely add a little pop to casual outfits and they are very comfortable which is another plus. I definitely recommend these!

Here’s a few other Summer favs too!



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